Saturday, April 4, 2009


Continuing To Shed Light On Those Who Share My Love For The Written Word...This Is A Piece From My Dude Ron Jolla AKA Ron Junior AKA What Will He Think Of Next LOL...Enjoy

"Never Be Another Me" - By Me, To You

Standing outside in rain
that doesn’t seem to touch you
I am your umbrella, a parka partner
Weathered poker players…
together we gambled and came up big.
eyes skyward, soaking dry
looking me in the retina to realize,
there will never be another me.

The hold I have on you
when I do what you want
that I wanted to do anyway
pretentious power, you love it.

You dug it when I first spit
pumped all of my blood into it
and wouldn’t let loose…
Others can love you,
but there will never be another me.

You’re comfortable in your own skin,
and it’s a beautiful thing to see…
I remember the growing pains,
saying that it wasn’t just me…
always telling you how beautiful
you are to everyone that didn’t bear your name.

I may never see another tree
never hear another wreck
will miss the smell of birthday food
bringing the sea all the way to me.

No more lake walks and visits
or road trips all the way home
quick drives to our own world
I didn’t create love, but I knew where
to tell you to look…it’s an easy read.

I’ve got this all wrong…
no one will do the funny dances you love to do
nor will I smile at anyone else for trying
Nobody can create something from nothing
to make it purely priceless like you.

There’ll never be another me,
but that means there will never be another you too.
Without ‘you’, that ‘me’ is gone,
and without ‘me’, that ‘you’ is no more
Safe to say, there will never be another us…
…or ‘Us’…that kind of sickens me.

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  1. You go, Nephew (Ronnie). Auntie checking in.