Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Play in your world, live in ours

It is FINALLY here people, the Playstation 3 Slim. The long waited second model for the PS3 is finally out and should go into retail stores next month. As of right now, the only Slim system that will be available, will be a 120GB one, with the new PRICE DROP of $100, making the system a direct competitor to the Xbox360 Elite at $299!
Below is a comparison photo with the "fat" PS3 model, another big difference is that the PS3 Slim will not have the glossy finish to it, and will no longer possess Linux support (PS2 games also still are not backwards compatible).

And to not leave any system behind, Sony is also releasing content for the PSP. It will be called Minis, which will be small sized games (around 100mb instead of the 1.8gb UMDs of most regular games) which will be downloaded from the Playstation Network. This move is to compete directly with the iPhone/iPod Touch. Also for download onto the PSP will be digital comics, with support from Marvel Comics (and most likely others soon after launch) which will give comic lovers access to their favorites on the go.

Play in your world, live in ours - indeed Sony, I will indeed.


  1. thx homie..but we dont need to bask is its greatness, yall can add stuff again! lol

    -the Devil