Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No New Posts???....No Problem [^_-]

So I Know We Haven't Been Posting Like Crazy As Usual...But Its All For Good Reason...M!LK Is Doing His Thing And TheINCOMPARABLE Is Gearing Up His TOP SECRET Project That'll Be Released Later This Winter

As For Me, I've Been Up Til 4AM Pretty Much Every Night For The Last Month And A Half Putting Together My Own Album Project Entitled "DOPE-A-TRON: Version 1.0" (I'm Actually In The Middle Of A Song Right Now)...With All This Work Its Been A Task To Keep Up The Blog But We Still Manage..I Do Promise Not To Go More Than 2 Days Without Making The Awesomely Cool Posts You Love So Much..So To All Our Followers, Please Continue To Check In With Us Regularly, I Check Our Hits And It Looks Like You Guys Like What You See Here Enough To Keep Coming Back...NICE!!!

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