Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Force Is Strong With This One...Or Just Creepy Voodoo

Oh yeah!!! a toy that teaches you how to utilize 'The Force'. You know, from Star Wars...And Get This...It Uses Your Brainwaves To Operate...Ooooooooo

"A state of deep concentration is needed to achieve a Force-full effect. When you concentrate, it activates the training remote," says Frank Adler of toymaker Uncle Milton Industries, which is creating the Trainer. "There is a flow of air that will move the (ball). You can actually feel like you are in a zone."

Okay, Its One Thing To Move A Ball...But REAL JEDI's Can Hover Spaceships Around And Choke You Just By Thinking It....Yea Ima A Nerd, Wanna Fight About It!?!?

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  1. This is pretty incredible...can't wait until the future (lol)..