Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heard It All Before....

This Is For All My Producers And Music Heads....Me Tito And A Couple Others Have Had This Debate..Yo,How Do You Feel About Sampling Vs. Origional Material???...Now I Believe That Sampling Is Cool When Its Done A Certain Way...If You Just Taking A Break Beat, Making A Small Loop Or Chopping It Up, Its Cool...But If All You're Doing Is Adding A Couple Kicks And Snares And Handclaps To A Super Recognizable Loop, You Might As Well Just Play The Orgional Song LOL..My Thing Is, If The Beat Is Dope I Don't Care How You Made It..But How Do YOU Feel About This???...


  1. I agree with you bro. I mean back it was cool, but cats shouldn't still be taking a whole 8 bar loop and slappin dilla kicks over em... Lol some producers may kill me for that but oh well... I chops my shits ups bros.... Cutco status


    Btw good lookin on the post. I'm gonna send you some beats to post next lol

  2. Im gonna have to just say this, If the end result is dope as fuck who cares what you did to it. Best example is "The Cool" Kanye didnt speed up nothing or chop shit. He just took the intro of the original ( life on mars) and threw drums on it. BUT THAT SHIT WAS CRAZY. I just think cats need to step up their beats left and right. Youre sampling game should be on par with your keyboarding.

  3. ^^^^^^
    Thats About As Close To The Truth As One Can Get, Straight Up