Monday, January 5, 2009

sailor jerry: tatoo pioneer and rum connoisseur

if you are familiar with sailor jerry, you most likely know him for his contribution to modern tatooing techniques. he introduced a more sterile and safer way for people to decorate their body using the tatoo as a medium. i know him for his ass kicking 90 proof rum. it sounds all burn-y from first glance but trust me it's a lot smoother than you think, even more than captain morgan or bacardi rums and cheaper. it's generously spiced and tastes pretty comparable to vanilla coke when mixed with colas. i urge you alcohol aficionados over the age of 21 to go to your local fine liquor stores and try it, see for yourself, and you'll be a believer as well. and also kids, i urge you not to drink and drive, especially after a few shots of this.


  1. What a fun blog to read!!
    I now will be looking for some Sailor Jerry the next time I am in a liquor store! Will def. be sometime soon.

  2. Sailor Jerry IS That SHIT!!!!